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Fact Sheet

Developer:Faster Time Games; Based in South Wales, United Kingdom.
Release Date: June 19th, 2017
Platforms: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift (with Touch Controllers), and Windows Mixed Reality VR Headsets
Website: www.keepdefending.com
Price: USD 7.99 / EUR 7.99 / GBP 5.59
Availability: Digital Download
Languages: English
Install Size: 1.3GB
Press Contact: info@keepdefending.com
Store Pages: Steam  Oculus
Social Media: Twitter  Facebook  YouTube


Keep Defending is a Virtual Reality tower defense game featuring a blend of unit management and first-person archery gameplay as you try to repel enemies in a range of different scenarios.

Target enemies before they reach your gate and earn gold to set up ever more capable defenses.

Buy crossbows, fireball-shooting wizards, brave knights, cannons, and more for your defensive lines as you try and deal with the approaching hordes in a variety of challenging environments and conditions.


  • A campaign featuring 10 progressively more challenging levels that test both Tower Defense and VR Archery skills.
  • A host of enemies from Barbarian hordes to Skeleton armies and greater (much greater) dangers.
  • A range of defenses for you to employ during play to ensure the enemies don't get through.
  • Different environments that test your defensive tactics from small villages to large castles, frozen wastes, underground caves, and beyond.
  • Ambush scenarios where you must destroy the enemy before they escape the lethal range of your attackers.
  • Advance scenarios where you progress through different zones and build up your defenses for a grand finale!
  • Weather conditions and time of day effects offer additional gameplay challenges.
  • Beware boss enemies that destroy your defenses with a single hit.
  • Precision scoring - earn higher scores the further away targets are hit.
  • 4 difficulty levels to choose from ranging from Easy through to Insane!
  • Leaderboards and achievements.
  • Windows Mixed Reality headset support.
  • Native Oculus Rift device support in SteamVR and Oculus Home.


Faster Time Games is an indie game developer formed in late 2016 by Tim Foster, the sole developer/creator of Keep Defending. Keep Defending was launched on Steam Early Access in December 2016 and, following a six month incubation period, was completed and released on Steam in June 2017.

Based in the South Wales valleys in the UK, Faster Time Games aims to bring new experiences and challenging gameplay to Virtual Reality players with a focus on fun and unique ideas.

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When recording gameplay footage from Keep Defending

Please note that the second stage of level 4 (“Highguard”), all of level 5 (“Crystal Caves”) and all of level 9 (“Tower Of Stars”) are set in night-time environments.

Because of this you will need to increase the gamma/brightness of any video footage you record of these levels so your viewers can see what’s going on (as the visuals in the Vive headset are brighter than what is captured in Windows).

You can add gamma to footage easily in YouTube itself by editing a video, selecting the “Enhancements” tab and then adjusting the “Fill Light” slider until the footage can be seen clearly.

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